🦋 Your autonomy

Projects have project leads who coordinate communications and resources. Instead of core contributors having a manager, core contributors collaborate directly with other core contributors in the project.

Core contributors have a huge amount of autonomy, and no one will give you granular details about what to do, when to do it, or where you do it from.

When you first join, your People Partner will connect you with another core contributor to help you get familiar with the organisation. You’ll have a couple of initial deliverables scoped out by the project lead to ease your onboarding and get you going. Beyond that, you’re expected to define and report on the status of your deliverables, reach out to others to collaborate, and hold yourself accountable to it.

The following are some important attributes to successfully collaborate in a remote and asynchronous environment:

  • Autonomy: You’re a self-starter, can handle ambiguity, and you have a good sense of when to start tasks on your own and when to ask for support.
  • Motivation/Attitude: You take initiative and engage with your projects, you’re helpful towards others, ask questions, and regularly seek to learn more.
  • Visibility into work: You communicate clearly and know when to update your project leads and other core contributors on the progress of your deliverables.

As a core contributor, you have the autonomy to choose which project, in what capacity, at which times and from which location – as long as it fulfils the needs and goals of the IFT.

Ideally, you’re the kind of person who finds this autonomy thrilling and not too terrifying.