🏓 Coworking Allowance

The coworking allowance offers core contributors some flexibility to find a workspace different from your home office if needed. It's non-transferrable for other expenses in case you don't make use of it.

You can expense up to USD 270 / EUR 250 (or local currency equivalent) per month for coworking costs (any coworking space rental/hotdesk/access pass).

You can also include the coffee you consume at the coworking space.

You can't use the allowance for:

  • Your internet/broadband costs.
  • Covering additional bills arising from you working from home.
  • Meals or drinks outside working hours or for take-away drinks.
  • Meals or drinks for people accompanying you that don't contribute to IFT.
  • Gratuities.

😃 An example of a claimable expense: USD 200 for coworking space + USD 50 on drinks consumed at the coworking space;
USD 50 consumed on drinks at a space used for working outside your home office.

😡 An example of a non-claimable expense: USD 0-270 consumed on drinks at a space when you are not contributing to a IFT project.

Please keep the invoices/receipts and submit your costs through Expensify as per the expense reimbursement guidelines, specifying coworking as the category detailing the expense in the comments field of your expense line item.

If your coworking cost is above budget, please only expense up to that amount in your expense claim.

Please also consider that (for smaller/less frequent coworking expenses), our minimum threshold for submitting an expense report is USD 70 / EUR 50. As such, we'd ask you to group coffee receipts into one batch of at least USD 70 / EUR 50 before submitting them for processing.

ℹ️ If you're unsure whether or not this applies to you, ping People Ops.