We use multiple tools for knowledge management and collaboration across the organisation. The basic platforms you need access to from Day 1 are: Google Suite, ProtonMail and Notion. On top of this, each individual teams may use other platforms such as Miro, CodiMD etc. As you start working with various teams, you will be provided access to these platforms.

Google Suite

Google suite is used for emails, various types of document collaboration and video calls. You will be provided with a email address which will give you access to the whole Gsuite.


Google does not align with our values as an organisation and so there is currently a project to move away from Google and start using ProtonMail as our email provider. You will be getting a secondary email address on-top of your existing address.

You can read about this change, when to use Gmail vs. ProtonMail along with the more details about the project and timelines.


Notion is a collaborative Wiki, just like Confluence (if you have ever used it). Most teams collaborate on this platform and this is part of knowledge management across the organisation.