🌟 Journey to your first contribution...

IFT is developing a number of projects and each project has the freedom to organise themselves however it best sees fit. Throughout your first two weeks, during 1:1s, project weeklies or setting calls specifically for this, get the feel of the specific rituals, dynamics and communication forms within your project and how it connects back with the bigger IFT vision.

Retros and priorities

Read your project last quarter's retro and learnings, and focus on this quarter's priorities and goals.

Ask other core contributors in your project:

  • What went well
  • What could have been improved
  • What were the key learnings for your project
  • What are the priorities set for this quarter.

Figure out your first contribution

The first month in a new project can be as exciting as it can be overwhelming with everything that IFT and our projects are building. For this reason we recommend you to work closely with your project lead or your closest peer to scope what your first contribution will be.

Try to aim for a small project, something that can help you understand your stack progressively and get something done within your first weeks!

💡Remember.... There is always someone available to help you on your journey!