🖥 Laptops and devices

Having the proper setup is fundamental to ensure you can work comfortably to successfully deliver services to IFT and our projects. We hold our principles dear and support you as a core contributor with some of the tools you might need to succeed in providing services using secure, decentralised devices.

Here you'll find some helpful information to get yourself set up with the right equipment you may need.

☑️ Available equipment

Core contributors have the potential option of leasing devices from IFT to ensure that they can provide their services. We have a list of pre-approved equipment considered within their project budgets to the extent that you need certain devices to deliver your services.

While IFT provides you the flexibility to purchase the appropriate devices in line with the capped amounts stated in this section, IFT ultimately owns such devices. Following your purchase, we will subsequently lease you back the device which you have purchased.

For the purposes of purchasing devices, you need to raise the request via SpiffWorkflow to get okays from your Project Lead and PeopleOps partner.

The standard setup for everyone includes a laptop, a Keycard, a Yubikey, and a Ledger.

For each item we have defined a budget. Your spend will stay below the defined budget, in most cases. When this happens, it is not an option to use the difference towards the cost of other items.

  • Laptop: up to USD 3,000
  • Mic and headphones: up to USD 120
  • Keycard: ping the #keycard channel to get a code
  • Yubikey: you can reimburse one (approx USD 50)
  • Ledger: you can reimburse one (approx USD 80)

Most core contributors should be able to effectively perform their work using standard equipment, but if you're struggling to participate or you need other equipment to perform your role successfully (for example, you need a better quality webcam to record videos or a higher quality mic to record demos for IFT), then please raise the request via SpiffWorkflow and your People Partner can support you with your needs on a case by case basis. For those that are approved to receive higher quality equipment, we recommend the Logitech Brio 4K Webcam and the Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone.

Following the cessation or termination of your services to IFT, you have the option of purchasing from IFT any equipment you purchased in accordance with this section.

🏪 How to get your devices

  1. Choose official or trusted vendors to buy your devices
  2. Raise a request for goods/services via SpiffWorkflow prior to purchasing the devices.
  3. Upon getting okays from your Project Lead and PeopleOps partner, proceed with the purchase.
  4. Go to your profile > assets in BambooHR and Add assets, filling all device information.
  5. Once registered, request a refund by adding the expense to Spiff and your next invoice.
  6. You can reimburse custom expenses. Try to avoid international shipping when possible. Buy from vendors within your country or economic area.
  7. Enter into a leasing agreement with Status in respect of the device you have purchased.

ℹ️ FAQ

  • Who owns the devices which I’ve purchased

    IFT is the owner of the devices which you have purchased. IFT will lease back these devices to you in order for you to deliver your services. We have found that this is a flexible and convenient arrangement to ensure that you can obtain the appropriate devices in a timely manner to deliver your services.

  • What if I don't have enough funds to buy the device before reimbursement?

    If cash flow is an issue, please mention it in the request (select "Payment method" <> "Reimbursement") and ping your People Partner and we'll help come up with a solution!

  • What if my devices becomes outdated?

    At the 3 year mark, if your device needs an upgrade, just raise a new request via SpiffWorkflow.

  • What happens if I accidentally damage a device?

    You should treat the devices as if they were yours. If the damage was due to factors beyond your control, please obtain a quote for a repair and let your People Partner know. If the cost is reasonable (i.e., less than ~75% of the trade-in value of the asset), we would ask you to go ahead and get the device repaired. Then, submit the repair expense cost for reimbursement.

  • What happens if my services agreement with IFT finishes?

    Please check out this guide for your options on recycling or buying back devices.