☢️ In case of emergency

Although we don't usually encounter emergencies (and that's why they're exceptional situations), when they happen, it's good if we all know how to react to them.

Here you'll find helpful information about what to do and expect from each other in case of emergency.

Keep your contact information up to date

We'll use your emergency contact info in Bamboo if we ever need an emergency contact for you. Please keep it up to date! Navigate to My info > Emergency Contact to maintain it.

It's also helpful to review your contact phone number and email address from time to time if we need to reach you directly.

IFT emergency contacts

In all emergencies and only after you are safe and out of harm’s way and/or in a secure location contact [email protected] or ping your People Partner directly via DM (or phone for urgent matters) for immediate attention. Your People Partner will use their reasonable efforts to coordinate with others (i.e., legal or security) on your behalf to the extent required.

As a responsible organisation, we take all potential legal claims or disputes against the IFT very seriously.

We would ask all core contributors to promptly report to the Legal team and your project lead about any (potential) legal claims or disputes against the IFT, once you have become aware about it. If you suspect or become aware of an incident that may be likely to develop into a legal claim or dispute, please also promptly bring this to the attention of the Legal team and your project lead. The earlier we identify and address any of these issues will allow the IFT to take the appropriate steps to minimise any potential negative impact on the IFT.