🎓 Recommended reading

We encourage using some time to learn about things related to your tasks and our collective mission. Make your fellow project core contributors aware of you being on/offline and that the project's progress doesn't get hindered. Feel free to discuss it openly and agree on timing with everyone involved.

We offer an annual learning budget of USD 170 for each core contributor. You can use this budget towards things like books, conferences, or online courses.

For the purpose of purchasing learning & development items (learning platforms, courses, online conferences), you need to raise the request via SpiffWorkflow to get okays from your Project Lead and/or PeopleOps partner.

If you need a reference, a core contributor could spend their first 1-3 weeks spending 50% of their billed hours to learn and ~2 hours p/w after that on an ongoing basis. This is just an example, and we encourage you to figure out a learning cadence that best helps you succeed in contributing to IFT.

We've made a selection of readings that can help give you more context of our vision and culture.

We've added PDFs whenever possible, but you can also order them and file a reimbursement for books or other applicable learning expenses. Read them at your own pace! We highly recommend you read the first group; the second one is nice to go through but less critical.

Essential reading