🎤 Events and meetups

As a IFT core contributor, you may have the opportunity to speak at or attend external online or in-person events.

The community is an essential part of the Web3 ecosystem. Ecosystem, domain-specific, and internal events and meetups are networking and growth opportunities. And we strongly encourage you to be part of them!

Here you'll find helpful information to make the most out of organising, speaking, or attending events.

What events does IFT sponsor

IFT will consider sponsoring and covering the costs for any online or in-person event with a clear purpose. That means it must align with IFT's strategy and goals. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ecosystem events such as DevCon, ETH[city], ETHCC, Hackathons, blockchain weeks, etc.
  • Domain-specific events for your role for career purposes.
  • Events and meetups to promote IFT or our projects to potential new core contributors.
  • Internal events and meetups to prepare a product/project launch or work together.
  • Moderating or speaking opportunities related to IFT.

✨ Remember that when you're at an event, you're an ambassador for IFT’ projects and everyone who shares our values. Don't forget that and spread the word! You never know who's listening and might contribute to IFT thanks to you 🙂

💡Before attending an event, ask your Talent Partner to generate a QR code for our job pages that you can share with anyone interested.

Once you have your travel details ready

Submit your individual travel request via SpiffWorkflow.

Here's the instructions on how to create a travel request.

👉 Check out Travelling for Status for commute and accommodation guidelines if you need to travel for the event.