⚓️ Settling in

None of us truly knows how our future will look. In all the flurry of productivity, it’s easy to overlook that what we are trying to do has never been done before. We are operating in a pretty much-unchartered territory, trying to:

  • Create a public good that has not been made before,
  • Transition our governance model to being decentralised and autonomous, and
  • Build a community around a movement.

We’re still figuring out how we balance these things.

Joining this community of core contributors means you will be working alongside bright and passionate people with a shared vision: a more decentralised future. We have a transparent and collaborative environment designed to bring the best ideas to fruition.

The IFT projects and the broader Web3 ecosystem are a fast-growing maze. Take time to orientate yourself, don’t rush, and spend time in your first few weeks really connecting with the people you’re working with, as they are the best and most up-to-date sources of information and support that exist.