🌟 Your People team

IFT is a non-conventional organisation, and as such, it's important that you - our core contributors - have everything you need to be successful and help deliver the organisations' goals. We want to make sure you get the attention and support you need at IFT.

With that in mind, People Ops is here for you as someone you can turn to when you need advice or just want to chat. No topic too big or too trivial!

DM us anytime :) We’ll also be checking in with you from time to time too, to ask your opinion on how things are going and how to better support you.

Mission statement

🎉 Make IFT a top place to work.

Not living up to that ideal? Tell us! We aim to make your experience with IFT as positive and productive as possible.

We’ll keep asking you how we can improve, and we welcome your feedback at any time.

Who we are...

  • Head of People Operations: Jonathan Barker (aka JB)
  • People Partners: Terry Tobin & Melanie Davis
  • Talent Partners: Pepper Lea, Maya Krumova, Catia Sousa & Angel Gutierrez

People Partners

People Partners will support on all people-related matters for core contributors as well as ensuring our values and principles are inherited throughout all our projects.

Each project will be paired with one People Partner who will provide end-to-end support throughout the entire core contributor lifecycle from onboarding to exit, including but not limited to:

  • New hire onboarding: contract drafting and saas set up.
  • Trials processes: coordination, feedback collection, communication and escalation.
  • Equipment: reviews and approvals.
  • Performance management: support project leads through all performance review cycles and to periodically monitor performance and assist in escalating performance issues.
  • Engagement : monitoring project’s engagement data, and supporting with 1:1 ad-hoc calls as required, to assist CCs during different phases, or transitions.
  • Levelling and service fee reviews.
  • Terminations, amendments and offboarding processes: contract drafting, exit interviews, and systems removal.
  • Administrative: invoices and expenses support.

Outside of the core People Ops work, we’re also available for ad hoc tasks like:

  • Managing events, recurring calls, hosting webinars.
  • 1-1 coaching and mentorship
  • Travel booking
  • Administrative support.
  • Bouncing ideas / venting / general catch-up chats.
  • Coordination, project management.
  • Budget support.

Talent Partners

The Talent team supports the selection of wonderful core contributors like you for all our projects!

This includes:

  • Support on defining the core contributor requirements and developing the required parameters and specifications.
  • Sourcing, identifying and engaging potential core contributors for projects and services required by IFT.
  • Advertising roles, such as using our social media presence to attract core contributors.
  • Reviewing and short-listing suitable potential core contributors.
  • Conducting initial potential core contributor screenings.
  • Scheduling any potential core contributor’ interviews during the selection process.
  • Collect feedback on potential core contributors.
  • Manage a potential core contributor’s experience throughout the process.
  • Helping with final engagement decisions, approvals and extending offers.
  • Run talent booths at external events.