đŸ—¿ Our Principles

These principles act as tools. Tools for thinking, for communication, and for decentralised decision-making. They keep us honest about where we are failing short of our vision.

I. Liberty

We believe in the sovereignty of individuals. As a platform that stands for the cause of personal liberty, we aim to maximise social, political, and economic freedoms. This includes being coercion-resistant.

II. Censorship Resistance

We enable free flow of information. No content is under surveillance. We abide by the crypto economic design principle of censorship resistance. Even stronger, the Status app is an agnostic platform for information.

III. Security

We don't compromise on security when building features. We use state-of-the-art technologies, and research new security methods and technologies to make strong security guarantees.

IV. Privacy

Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world. For us, it's essential to protect privacy in both communications and transactions, as well as being pseudo-anonymous through the Status app . Additionally, we strive to provide the right of total anonymity.

V. Transparency

We strive for complete openness and symmetry of information within the organisation, and have no border between our core contributors and our community. We are frank about our shortcomings, especially when making short-term tradeoffs in service of our long-term goals.

VI. Openness

The software we create is a public good. It is made available via a free and open source licence, for anyone to share, modify and benefit from. We believe in permission-less participation.

VII. Decentralization

We minimise centralization across both the software and the organisation itself. In other words, we maximise the number of physical computers composing the network, and maximise the number of individuals who have control over the system(s) we are building.

VIII. Inclusivity

We believe in fair and widespread access to our software, with an emphasis on ease-of-use. This also extends to social inclusivity, permissionless participation, interoperability, and investing in educational efforts.

IX. Continuance

We create software incentivized to continue to exist and improve, without the stewardship of a single entity or any of the current project members.

X. Resourcefulness

We are relentlessly resourceful. As we grow and have ready access to capital, it is our obligation to token holders to fight bureaucracy and inefficiencies within the organisation. This means solving problems in the most effective way possible at lower economic costs (in terms of capital, time and resources).