đź’Ą Self Evaluation Guide

This document is intended to be a supporting document to help you complete the 2023 lightweight Self Evaluation Process.

Writing a self-evaluation

Think of a self-evaluation as an opportunity to reflect and deep dive into your contributions and impact on Status’ projects. It’s your moment to share WHAT you do and HOW you do it.

The WHAT = contribution/impact

The HOW = behaviours

Try to be honest about your contributions and impact on Status’ projects, especially in relation to how your contributions align with Status’ values and mission. It is also important to acknowledge areas where you may need further development or support, and that’s okay.

Aim to provide a balanced evaluation of yourself based on the following attributes and questions.

Question Specific Guidance


  • Think about specific projects, tasks or initiatives you have worked on, highlighting your contributions, accomplishments, and the outcomes of your efforts.
  • Be specific and provide measurable results whenever possible, such as deadlines met, efficiency improvements, and projects delivered.


  • Assess your ability to work collaboratively with Core Contributor both within your team and other projects.
  • Describe instances where you effectively collaborated or supported others in achieving common goals.
  • Acknowledge any areas where you faced challenges in collaboration and how you dealt with it.


  • Discuss your level of autonomy as a Core Contributor and how you've taken initiative.
  • Share examples of times when you proactively identified opportunities for improvement or took on additional responsibilities.
  • Highlight your ability to work independently and make decisions when needed.

What is (at least) one thing you do well?

  • Be specific, highlighting your impact on your team/project.
  • Identify your strengths, skills or qualities that you excel at in your role.
  • Discuss a time when / if you exceeded expectations or made a significant positive impact on your team or project.
  • Highlight any skills or areas where you’ve shown improvement and growth over time.
  • ​​Take time to look back on your 1:1’s and retros to help you identify past accomplishments

What is (at least) one thing you could improve upon?

  • Be self-aware. Acknowledge areas where you may have room for improvement.
  • Focus on something specific and prioritise a meaningful commitment to improvements.
  • Offer context for the areas you want to improve. Explain why these aspects are important and how they impact your role.

Next steps:

Please log into Lattice, and complete your self-evaluation.

Reach out to your People Ops Partner if you have any questions.