What is SpiffWorkflow

SpiffWorkflow is a workflow engine which enables our organisation to define their processes in BPMN format (looks like a flowchart) and then allows the orchestration and execution of these processes within the platform. The workflow orchestration can be simple such as allowing multiple people to review and approve a request within the platform, or it could also be super complex orchestration integrated with multiple systems and driving a workflow between them. SpiffWorkflow has a simple interface for the end user to interact with and raise requests.

When to use SpiffWorkflow

Most of the time, you will be using the platform to raise requests which need to be reviewed and approved. E.g. requesting a laptop, hardware/software, permission to travel etc. The full list of processes that are active in the platform can be found here.

Getting setup with SpiffWorkflow

As a new joiner, you will have received an email in your status inbox from "Logos.co Keycloak" which will get you to set your password and OTP. You will have 5 days to action this otherwise the link in the email will expire. If this happens, please contact PeopleOps and they will send you a new email. Once you have logged in, let's make sure that you can receive notifications to your Status Desktop app.

  1. Login to SpiffWorkflow
  2. Go to “Start New+” and click “start” button on “Set up Status App (Desktop) notifications”
  3. Follow the instructions and then accept the contact request from SpiffWorkflow. That's it.

You can read the full instructions with images here.

How to raise a request in SpiffWorkflow

  1. On the home page of SpiffWorkflow, navigate to "Start New+". Here you will find all the processes which you have permission to start
  2. Click "start" button on the process you wish to start. You will be redirected to a form which you can fill out and submit

If you are halfway through a process and are not sure what you need to fill in the field, you can come back to this process later. Just go down the bottom and "Save and Close". To come back to this process later, you can see this on your home page under "In Progress" -> "Started by me". To resume the process, click the "Go" button.

  1. SpiffWorkflow landing page
  2. User guide