How to request goods or services for the organization

Status is a rapidly growing organization with multiple moving parts. As a result, core contributors may need to utilize new tools, technologies, or seek support from consultants and other service providers to support our expansion journey.

To ensure that these needs align with the organizational strategy, priorities, and established policies, it is crucial that each core contributor follows the standard process for requesting goods/services.

Please carefully read the following instructions to ensure a smooth and timely process:

  1. When you need to request goods/services falling under the categories listed below, please raise a request for goods/services in SpiffWorkflow.
  • Software & Licenses: (new tools, apps, subscriptions, etc.)
  • Consulting fees: (consultants, freelancers)
  • Other fees: (bounties)
  • Events: (rent, insurance, sponsorship, entertainment, etc.)

For instructions on how to raise a request, please refer to this guide.

If you are unsure about the categories or how to proceed with your specific case, you can get in touch with the Finance team.

  1. Your request will be reviewed by a Budget Owner (usually the Project Lead) and, where required, by the relevant Service Units. The approval process will be handled automatically. Please ensure that you provide all necessary details regarding your request, as these are crucial for the Project Leads and Service Units to review and make the necessary arrangements.

Note: The Approval strategy for each request may vary based on several variables:

  • Category/sub-category: Different sets of approvers may be required based on the category/sub-category of the request. For example, PeopleOps partners need to review requests for learning & development but not for consulting fees or software & licenses.
  • Amount: In some cases, a simplified approval strategy may be triggered if the amount is below a certain threshold.
  • Project: The Budget Owner is determined based on the selected project in the request. If the Budget Owner is the one raising the request, the L2 Budget Owner will be required to provide approval.
  • Requestor name: The approval process ensures that Requestors cannot approve their own requests.
  1. You can monitor the progress of the approval process in SpiffWorkflow. For instructions on how to check your process instances, please refer to this guide.

  2. To stay informed about the approval outcomes, please check your StatusApp Desktop notifications from the SpiffWorkflow contact. Reviewers may request additional information about your request, so please be prepared to address their questions.

How to submit additional information - pls refer to this guide.

  1. Once your request is approved, you can proceed with the purchasing and payments. To access the approval history and other details regarding your request, please navigate to your request in SpiffWorkflow.

  2. When Finance processes your payment requests or third-party invoices, they will check for approved requests in SpiffWorkflow. If there are no approved requests or if the amounts differ, they may request additional approval from the Budget Owner and Service Units.

If you are a Budget Owner or a member of the Service Units team, you may find the report useful.